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As a local of the Steamboat community, there is much to be gained through the air program and the subsequent air tax.

When guests fly into Steamboat they spend on average $1345. Those dollars go directly into our community, not only with the actual purchase of goods and services but much further. They include tips for locals to collect and pay their bills, taxes to support our city services from police, fire, and EMT, to street plowing, to parks and recreation.

As a sales tax-based community, we depend on the influx of visitor dollars to keep our community thriving and fund future needs. Voting Yes on 2A means supporting the air program so we may continue to attract airlines that guests want to use to fly to Steamboat for their winter vacations. The proposed tax is a small investment with a big economic impact for our community.

Endorsed by The Steamboat Pilot and other Community Members

"Steamboat Springs voters will be deciding on a 0.20 percent sales tax for air service this fall, and we hope the measure flies."
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87% of winter visitors who use Steamboat/Hayden Airport say a flight directly into Steamboat is extremely important when making vacation decisions.

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Residents of Steamboat Springs are being asked to approve a 0.20% sales tax to fund new and existing winter and summer flights into the Steamboat/Hayden Airport.

If approved, the sales tax is estimated to raise $1.3 million dollars annually and would expire in 2028.

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Existing air reserves will be depleted in 2019 resulting in the likely reduction of flights and ultimately the decline of dollars into our local economy.

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Why is a general sales tax the right funding source?

Steamboat is a sales tax-based community; the more guests who visit the town, the more tax dollars are collected, the more funding our city and community have. Therefore, a general sales tax is absolutely the right funding source for the air program as it will be split between our guests and locals. This tax will be the smallest of the three funding sources, with the two larger contributors (the ski resort at $1.6 million and the Local Marketing District at $1.6) being paid entirely by guests. Locals will effectively be contributing a mere 15 - 17% to the overall air program, with 83 - 85% being paid for by visitors and ski corp. Bottom line, visitors are paying the bulk of the air program; locals are being asked to make a small investment with a big economic impact.

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Local Marketing District
How does the air program work?

The air program is a unique collaboration that keeps our local economy flying strong. The funding for the air program is overseen by the Local Marketing District, a 5-member committee appointed by the City Council.

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Steamboat HAyden Airport
Airport Story

The Yampa Valley Regional Airport, located in Hayden, Colorado, serves as the gateway to Steamboat Springs.

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Downtown Steamboat Springs
Common Questions

When evaluating ballot issues, voters need to know the facts. The Steamboat Citizens to Ensure Air Service answers some of the more common questions regarding the Yes2Air initiative.

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Vote Yes2Air on 2A in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.