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Kelly Landers,
Formerly of The Creekside Cafe
Kathy Stokes,
of PostNet
Kip Rillos,
Teacher, business owner and 30-year resident

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Charlie MacArthur: A vote for Steamboat

Like many of us, I'm enjoying the benefits of a booming economy, plentiful work and first-world problems like a crowded trailhead or a two-block walk from my car to the farmers market.

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Pete Wither: Airline program is ‘linchpin’ of Steamboat economy

As a third generation Steamboat Springs local, I want to urge Steamboat voters to vote “yes” on Referendum 2A.

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Steamboat Today Our View: Vote 'yes' on 2A

Steamboat Springs voters will be deciding on a 0.20 percent sales tax for air service this fall, and we hope the measure flies.

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Kent Myers: Vote 'yes' on 2A

Steamboat's air program, with the support of the community, county and ski resort management team is a great example of a public/private partnership working well.

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Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, Inc.

The Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association (SSCRA) Board of Directors would like to voice our support for the Stea,boat Citizens to Ensure Air Service Committee in the quest to put a 0.02% sales tax on the abllot in November of 2018.

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GO Alpine

It is vital to the community and the Yampa Valley Regional Airport to have this tax on the ballot.

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Laura Rotaru: Area Manager for Christy Sports

As one of te largest employers in Steamboat whose business relies largely on destination guest, I firmly believe Air Service is vital to the economic success of Steamboat, drives the economy, provides jobs and preserve the quality of lifewe all value.

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PJ Wharton: Yampa Valley Bank

I am a fourteen year resident and proud Steamboat Springs business investor and representative. I was unable to attend the first reading of the Steamboat Citizens to Ensure Air Service ordinance on June 18, 2018, but would like to voice my/our support to put this issue on the November 2018 ballot.

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Yampa Valley Airport Commission

A resolution in support of the 2018 Steamboat Springs Air Service tax initiative and its positive impact on the Yampa Valey Community, The Yampa Valley Regional Airport and the Steamboat Springs Airport

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Vote Yes2Air on 2A in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.